work · 15. April 2018
Group Exhibition in Dortmund. Together with: Dater, Herz, David Radon, Herr Orm, Hifi, Akril, Rookie, Farbgefühl, BeastieStyles and a lot of other nice artists! Thanks for the good time!
work · 12. Dezember 2017
12.12.2017 The new HATE Toiletepaper! Produced out of recycled AFD and NPD Advertising. Sorry - sold out!
work · 10. Oktober 2017
10.10.2017 Rebelzer Freak Trikot / Sportshirt in Cooperatioan with: Congstar, FC Sankt Pauli, Millerntor Gallery and Viva con Agua. You get it at my Studio- until sold out. Rebelzers Flaggschiffladen / Art Store, Hein-Hoyer-Strasse 47, 2035 Sankt Pauli.
work · 26. September 2017
26.09.2017 4 Star Renate Hotel Bathroom Door Design.
work · 29. August 2017
29.08.2017 Rebelzer "Fünf Sterne Deluxe" Platten Cover -Wechselkarte for the new Album: FLASH
work · 24. Juli 2017
24.07.2017 Concurso Internatcional de Murals del 10 - 20 de Julio, Calle Barcelona y Calle Granada, Estepona, Costa del sol, Spain. With very nice Artists from Spain, like: Dourone, Elodie, Lalone, Zosen, ImonBoy, Ezzzmon aka si si si si ... no! Thanks guys and Ladies - was a good time!!
work · 26. Juni 2017
26.06.2017 Cooperation with Kiez Strom and the FCSP. For the first Electronic "Petrolstation" in the Bundesliga. 4 Cars at the same time chargeable.
work · 13. Juni 2017
13.06.2017 Congstar, FCSP, Rebelzer Cooperation.
work · 05. Mai 2017
05.05.2017 New and fresh Rebelzer Freak chalk boards and Toilet Paper Hanger! (All sold out - sorry!)
work · 03. Mai 2017
03.05.2017 Rebelzer Freak Prints at the Flagschiff Laden - Limited Edition. You want one ? Just check the shop! Offline or Online.

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