exhibition · 19. Juli 2023
"7" Eine Gruppenausstellung
"7" Eine Gruppenausstellung mit den Künstlerinnen: Hanadi, MaximuMMural, Hood1, Davis One, Hyne, Ohm One & Rebelzer Vernissage: Do.20.07.2023 von 18.00 - 22.00 Uhr in der Xeon Art Gallery, Repsoldstrasse 45, 20097 Hamburg. Ausstellungsdauer: 21.- 23.07.23
exhibition · 10. November 2022
Affordable Art Fair Hamburg 2022
Happy to be a part of the AffordableArtFair 2022 - together with the SAM Galerie Hamburg! It runs from the 10.-13.11.22
exhibition · 06. Juli 2022
Group Exhibition "Knotenpunkt" Affenfaust Galerie
I´m proud to be a part of the international Group Exhibition "Knotenpunkt" at the Affenfaust Gallery Hamburg. My works will be there until End of August - so if you are around - walk in!
exhibition · 23. Juni 2022
Millerntor Gallery 10.0
Happy to be a part of the Millerntor Gallery No.10 family! A good opportunity to show my new copper engraving artworks on original "Hamburger Landungsbrücken" roof copper plates! 50 x 60 cm / all sold.
exhibition · 13. April 2018
Group Exhibition in Dortmund. Together with: Dater, Herz, David Radon, Herr Orm, Hifi, Akril, Rookie, Farbgefühl, BeastieStyles and a lot of other nice artists! Thanks for the good time!
exhibition · 11. Dezember 2016
10.12.2016 Next Exhibition "REBALOT" a Cooperation Work between the Artists: Rebelzer and Ismilealot. Vernissage: Saturday 10.12.2016 at the Rebelzer´s Flagschiffladen, Hein-Hoyer-Str.47, 20359 Sankt Pauli, Hamburg. The Exhibition runs until the 17.12.2016.
exhibition · 28. September 2016
28.09.2016 Viva con Agua, Neusicht / Luzern, Swiss. Goupexhibition. "Bert, der Seemann". 90 x 60 cm Acryl on Wood.
exhibition · 16. Juli 2016
16.07.2016 The 3th Rebelzer bar at the Millerntor Gallery - this time with a new rooftop - yeah. Was a good party - thanks to the VCA Crew !
exhibition · 07. Juli 2016
07.07.2016 Rebelzer is Part of the Millerntor Gallery #6 Group Exhibition: Save the date: 13.07. - 17.07.2016. The Hafen Dudes. 10 Skateboards = one piece. The painting is for the Sotheby´s auction at the Millerntor Gallery #6. Location: Millerntor Football Stadion, Sankt Pauli, Hamburg
exhibition · 25. Oktober 2015
17.10. - 25.10.2015 Neusicht Gallery No.1, 50 different Artists from Germany, Austria, Swiss at the Neubad, VCA, Luzern, Swiss. Together with Björn Holzweg, Queenkong, Mittenimwald, and many more.

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