graffiti · 12. Februar 2018
12.02.2018 Rentner Graffiti Part 6. Still love writing my name! Gold Block Edition. Thanks for this day to Forty3 and the rest of the Boys: Jubie, Heis, Iggy, Koolski and Nasko.
graffiti · 10. Februar 2018
10.02.2017 An Aussie friend found this 16 years old Rebelzer works in the middle of the Outback... the friendly freaks and an Rebelzer Piece. From 2002. Thanks for the Photos Bro!
work · 12. Dezember 2017
12.12.2017 The new HATE Toiletepaper! Produced out of recycled AFD and NPD Advertising. Sorry - sold out!
06. Dezember 2017
01.11. - 06.12.2017 Me and my Crew were part of first the Viva con Agua "Water ! Walk" in Africa. 550 Kilometer from Kigali Rwanda to Kampala Uganda.. The walking trip ended in Kampala, at the first Millertor Gallery Kampala.
24. Oktober 2017
24.10.2017 The new Rebelzer Freak Patches, for your Kutte, you know? You can buy them, when I return from Africa, in December, at the Flaggschiffladen, and online.
streetart · 20. Oktober 2017
20.10.2017 Welt Hunger Hilfe Car at Kampala Uganda, with special Rebelzer Vinyl Quality Stickers since 2011.
painting · 12. Oktober 2017
12.10.2017 Letztens, auf der Reeperbahn, in der Ritze. Photo by Christian Heidemann. "Erstma hart einen saufen jetzt!" Thanks Rakete!
graffiti · 11. Oktober 2017
11.10.2017 Rentner Graffiti Part 5. Hafen Hamburg. Props to my man: Forty3, Razzle Dazzle Dissel Chissel. Just a Test.
work · 10. Oktober 2017
10.10.2017 Rebelzer Freak Trikot / Sportshirt in Cooperatioan with: Congstar, FC Sankt Pauli, Millerntor Gallery and Viva con Agua. You get it at my Studio- until sold out. Rebelzers Flaggschiffladen / Art Store, Hein-Hoyer-Strasse 47, 2035 Sankt Pauli.
work · 26. September 2017
26.09.2017 4 Star Renate Hotel Bathroom Door Design.

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